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Greensboro Forenscics While popular television shows like CSI present forensics in a somewhat glamorous way, forensic investigators don’t just work on high-profile cases for police departments. Corporations and individuals hire forensic investigators like Graves Forensics to gather intelligence that can be used by attorneys involved in criminal and civil investigations. From insider trading to child custody cases, forensic science offers many important investigative tools.

Fundamentally, the purpose of forensic investigation is “to get to the bottom of things,” discovering the facts and truths of a case. Forensic science draws on many disciplines, primarily chemistry and biology. At Graves Forensics, we work in two primary areas of forensic analysis:
  • bloodstain pattern analysis
  • crime scene forensics/DNA analysis
As experienced forensic investigators, we follow strict procedures to prevent evidence from being damaged or contaminated, and ensure all relevant laws are observed. We create well documented, detailed reports of our investigations, collaborating with attorneys and serving as expert witnesses in the courtroom whenever necessary.

Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

Greensboro Crime Scene Investigators Bloodstain pattern interpretation is a valuable forensic tool in criminal investigations, helping determine the position of a victim and movement of a victim or suspect after the crime. By analyzing the pattern and distribution of blood spatters and bloodstains, a certified forensic Bloodstain Pattern Analyst like Kerry Graves can help reconstruct the physical events in a crime scene.

Bloodstain and blood spatter pattern analysis can reveal:
  • the series of events during a violent crime,
  • the movements of victim and suspect during and after the crime,
  • the number of wounds the victim likely suffered,
  • the type of weapon used to inflict the injury or death,
  • and other valuable details.
As useful as they are, blood spatter patterns and bloodstains are not the only factor in determining guilt or innocence. Crime scene diagrams, responding officer’s notes, firearms or other weapons recovered, autopsies, and crime scene photographs all play important roles. We know our way around crime scenes, and we’ll work carefully to:
  • take photographs,
  • collect samples,
  • write comprehensive report of our findings, and
  • testify in court.

Crime Scene Forensics & DNA Analysis

If you are concerned that a loved one has a drug problem, is cheating on you, or is involved in illegal or other dangerous activity—or if someone you love has gone missing—we can use forensic science to gather and analyze evidence such as latent fingerprints; residue such as paint, gunpowder, fibers, and drugs; bodily fluids such as blood, semen, and urine, as well as hair and skin; and other items of forensic value.

One of the best tools we have for filling in the gaps in any forensic investigation is DNA testing. DNA testing can help identify criminals or prove a person’s innocence. Unlike fingerprints, which are only deposited if someone touches something with an ungloved hand, DNA is in every cell of our human bodies. Before, during, and after a suspicious or criminal act, an individual may leave DNA evidence. Therefore, common objects like cigarette butts, drinking glasses, toothbrushes, chewed gum, and just about anything else humans touch may be analyzed for traces of DNA.

The DNA from an object can be compared to DNA collected from multiple people, and matching it to a particular individual (or not!). In addition, local, state, and federal DNA records in the US are accessible via the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS), allowing authorized investigators to seek matches for DNA evidence collected.

DNA testing can be useful in private matters such as suspected infidelity, but it’s also effective in legal situations. Most courts of law accept DNA testing as evidence, because if done properly, DNA profiling is extremely accurate.

With accurate DNA testing, we can help you in civil and criminal cases:
  • child custody and child support
  • inheritance and Social Security claims
  • clearing up adoption histories
  • connecting evidence with violent crime victims and suspects
  • proving paternity in rape or incest cases
  • missing persons investigations
From paternity tests to missing person searches, Graves Forensics will help you get the evidence you need. Give us a call today, and we’ll help you understand what options you have and what tests will benefit you the most.

About Kerry Graves, Founder

Kerry Graves, founder of Graves Forensics, LLC, is a licensed Private Investigator in North and South Carolina and has 14 years of experience. He's also a Crime Scene Investigator, as well as a member of the International Association of Bloodstain Pattern Analysis (IABPA) and the International Association of Identification (IAI). Mr. Kerry Graves is a Forensic Criminologist with experience as being a mental health therapist. During this time, he provided therapy to over a hundred individuals with mental health issues including individuals who showed symptoms of psychological disturbances in the criminal realm. Mr. Graves is also a Forensic Biologist and he has performed Bloodstain Pattern Analysis and consultations on criminal cases. He is a former instructor of Forensics and Crime Scene Management, both of which he taught at the university level. Among his many accomplishments and credentials are:
  • BA in Forensic Biology
  • BA in Criminal Justice
  • ADB in Criminology
  • Certified Forensic Interviewer
  • Infraguard Member
  • Cold Case Investigations (2015)
  • Advanced Crime Scene Investigations (2015)
  • Certificate in Advanced Bloodstain Pattern Analysis (September 2014)
  • Certificate in Bloodstain Pattern Analysis (September 2011)
  • Taught by Herbert L. MacDonnell, the Inventor of the Magna Brush, Father of Bloodstain Pattern Analysis, and Pioneer of Modern Forensic Science
  • Taught by Jan Johnson, Former FBI Forensic/Crime Scene Investigator and owner of Forensic Pieces
  • Taught by Anita Zannin, Owner of AZ Forensics in Syracuse, NY
  • Taught by Former NYPD Homicide Detective John Cantone

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